Recycle Reuse Reduse logoAn emerging trend in business solutions is finding new ways to maximize profits through green initiatives. One of the most valuable options to reduce expenditures and implement green initiatives is to invest in refurbished equipment.

Each refurbished product is thoroughly inspected for quality, all problems are completely resolved and the product is resorted to like-new quality While completely maintaining the original identity and functionality and meeting the original manufacturer’s performance specifications, this process can involve varying degrees of repair, part replacement, and reassembly. Once the refurbishing process is finished, we return the refurbished equipment to the marketplace in perfect working condition, but with a reduced price.

But in addition to the cost benefits of purchasing refurbished equipment, there are also a number of benefits for any company looking for “green” solutions. In keeping with the environmentally conscious mantra of “reduce, reuse, recycle”…why not add “refurbish” to the mix?

Most purchasers may not associate refurbished equipment with green initiatives, but there are tremendous environmental benefits that purchasing refurbished equipment can provide to any business looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Initial manufacturing of routers, switches, security, and storage devices requires tremendous amounts of energy. The casings for IT equipment are made from plastic, which is petroleum-based, not to mention toxic chemicals and compounds found in the inner workings of components.

Bottom-line: the more new equipment produced, the more energy expenditures required to maintain it during and after its lifespan. When the same equipment is bought as refurbished rather than bought as new, it saves energy (as well as money) for consumers and producers alike.

Any company looking to enhance green initiatives should explore refurbished IT equipment. For businesses looking to maximize their profit potential at the same time, investing in refurbished IT equipment is both a green and cost-efficient method.